Often after a short hospital stay due to an illness or surgery, an individual requires rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation program provides you access to quality physical, occupational, and speech therapists along with a modern well-equipped rehabilitation center so that you have the tools you need to recover. Our skilled rehabilitation program is focused on helping residents return home or to their prior level of function. 

Occupational therapy will work with you on mastering activities of daily living in our model kitchen and within your room. 

Physical therapy will help you regain strength and balance through various exercises and stretching. Having access to therapy 5 days per week offers better outcomes for our rehabilitation residents.

Some residents also benefit from Speech therapy.

We offer access to private and semi-private rooms. All rooms include a bed, nightstand, dresser, chair, and tv, so you feel at home while you concentrate on getting stronger. Together we will create a personalized care plan to help you reach your goal of getting back to enjoying life!



Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Rehabilitation: https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/skilled-nursing-facility-care.html