Hi, I am Benita Dobson.  I was born in Southwestern Iowa (Ringgold County, Iowa) to Harlan and Elsie Atherton.  I met my future husband, Claire Dobson, when we were both seniors at New Virginia High School (New Virginia, Iowa).  We graduated High School together.

Claire and I were married in 1940 in Leon, Iowa.  We lived and worked in Osceola, Iowa.  I worked as a CNA at the Story Hospital, and Claire worked at the grocery store in Osceola.  During this time, together we became parents to a son, Rodney.

Claire joined the Navy during WWII in 1944 and returned in 1947.  We moved to Indianola, Iowa where Claire farm managed the “Pearson Hereford Ranch” for many years.  During this time, together we became parents to our second son, Sam.

In 1955, we moved to the Bellevue, Iowa area, where Claire managed the “Blake Farm” recommended by the Pearson family.  After this farm was sold, Claire worked at the Light Plant (Bellevue, Iowa).  During this time, I was helping Claire on the farm and raising our sons.  Claire and I were Youth Counselors at the Green Island Congregational Church at Green Island, Iowa for several years.

Claire passed away in 2011.  I am very proud of and love my family.  I love spending time with all my children and their families.  I enjoyed my “Artwork with Dave, Karen and Sue with Earl” (Art instruction sessions) and have completed many paintings.  I enjoy keeping busy.

Benita Dobson, resident