Happy Spring Everyone!

We are enjoying this beautiful weather.  As the temperatures continue to warm up and weather changes, we at Mill Valley think it’s a great time for spring cleaning.  With that being said, we ask that family/friends assist their loved ones with looking through closets and going through personal items.  If you notice items are no longer being used or clothing no longer fits, please feel free to take it home.  This frees up space for each of our residents.

I have received several questions about taking residents out on pass.  If the resident is vaccinated, there are no restrictions or quarantine requirements.  If you are taking a resident out on pass or for appointment, please let us know ahead of time so we can ensure they are ready to go and have everything they need to be successful on their journey.

Easter is around the corner, which can mean family gatherings in and outside the facility.  To keep each of our residents healthy we will continue to honor visitation, however, ask if visiting during mealtime each family call ahead.  Per CDC guidelines, we designate an area where each resident can visit with family/friends.  If you can, please let us know 24 hours prior to visitation so we can ensure we have a comfortable area for our visitors.  We thank you for all you do and can’t wait to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth that spring and summer bring.

Patricia A. Reynolds
Nursing Home Administrator