Happy Summer Everyone!!  With the warm weather here, please make sure to keep your loved one hydrated when out on pass.  We are excited to be able to spend more time outdoors.  I know several residents and families enjoy sitting outside.  Please make sure when outside that we are practicing safety by keeping an eye on your loved one.  If we could stay on the sidewalks during visits that would be great.  We’ve had a few occurrences when residents have been outside with family members and have been utilizing the parking lot as a sidewalk.  I ask that we not do that as it is difficult for visitors in cars to see residents in wheelchairs while driving.  We just don’t want anyone to get hurt.  We love it that residents are able to get outside and have that time for fresh air and visits.  Let’s continue to work together to keep everyone safe. 😊

In June we do have an upcoming Party in the Park to amp up for the Jackson County Alzheimer’s Walk.  If wanting more information regarding this event, please call 563-872-5521 and ask for me (Patty).  I would love to provide more information on this event.  We thank everyone for their support. 😊  Please enjoy the summer and this amazing weather.

Patricia A. Reynolds
Nursing Home Administrator