Richard Osar

My name is Richard Osar.  I was born in Beardstown, Illinois on October 13, 1939 to Everett and Kathryn Osar.  I have two brothers: Ted lives in Belvidere, Illinois; and Bill lives in Buffalo, New York.

I graduated Beardstown High School in 1957, went to work with my father in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and lived in Elgin, Illinois.  I met and married my wife Karen on October 6, 1962.  We just celebrated our 57th anniversary.  We have four children:  Kevin and Brian in Elgin, Illinois; Mark in San Antonio, Texas; and Cari in Delhi, Iowa.  We have 8 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.  

I was a laborer for 8 years after graduation for a building company, then a carpenter in the same company.  I went into business for myself building homes to sell for about 7 years, until tough times hit.  I went to work at a school as a maintenance worker for 13 years.  I had a massive stroke in 1988, and thanks to my family who always told me “Can’t die in the poor house” if I complained about having to take therapy or learn to walk, talk, or eat on my own again.  I like being at Mill Valley to be around people.  I do miss riding my three wheeled bicycle, but maybe someday it can come back to me.