From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



Hello Everyone:

Happier times are ahead.  We finally had the opportunity to roll out COVID vaccines to our residents and staff.  Our first clinic was held on January 16th.  Our second clinic will be on February 6th.  It is our hope that sometime later this spring we can bring back some normalcy to our resident’s lives.  We, more than anyone, want them to be able to see and embrace their family members.  This last year has been very difficult for everyone.  I believe it has been most difficult for those people that have to live shut-in lives.  COVID has taken its toll on people in many ways.  We have seen it affect people’s lives socially, physically and mentally. That includes our residents, their families, our staff and their families.  I suppose we have been fortunate here at Mill Valley that we have not experienced an outbreak of COVID in Mill Valley or Sunrise Villa.  Our staff has worked very hard to prevent that from occurring.  With a little hope and by the grace of God, we will be able to avoid that.  We will have more information coming on the expansion of visitations once we are provided more information from CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health.  This is my 30th year as an Administrator.  It’s been the most difficult year of my career, and I hope we never have to experience anything like this every again.  I hope you all stay well and please keep the faith.