Nursing News

April Minear, RN

Director of Nursing



Happy Valentines Month!  ‘Tis the season to colds and flu on top of Covid-19.  Every day we work hard on keeping our residents safe and healthy.  We received the first of two vaccinations on Saturday, January 16th.  Excited to get our next vaccine and look forward to having our visitors back in our home again.  As you all are aware, we take guidance from the Department of Public Health and CDC, and CMS.  When we hear any news about lessening restrictions, we will be sure to let you know!  We take pride in knowing we have not had an outbreak in our facility.  We continue to do our part in keeping the residents safe the best we can.  We ask for your patience in reopening our home to you!  Mill Valley had 100% of residents and tenants receive their first vaccine and about 65% of our staff.

Some of you might be interested in getting the vaccine and not sure where to go for information.  I recommend the CDC, as it has helpful information on their website.  Also, the manufactures of the vaccine have great information on their websites, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are the first two that were released.  If you’re not sure whether to get the vaccine or not, please check in with your healthcare provider.  Until we can see you again, keep safe and masked.