From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I think it will be easy to assume 2021 will be a happier year than 2020.  This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone in one way or another.  I’m sure everyone is excited that vaccinations will begin in the very near future and we will be headed towards a more normal way of life again.  We are expecting to begin vaccinating the nursing home residents sometime around mid-January.  I anticipate the assisted living will happen sometime early to mid-February.  It cannot happen soon enough.  We have been very fortunate here at Mill Valley and Sunrise Villa that we have yet to have a facility wide outbreak of COVID.  We are hoping and praying that it stays that way.  Our staff has done a remarkable job protecting our residents.  It is our sincere hope that we will be able to reunite residents and families by spring.  I want to take a moment and encourage everyone to seriously consider taking the vaccine.  This is the only way we can eradicate this disease.  Thank you and have a wonderful January.  Thank you.