Happy New Year!!!  With the new year here, we talk about starting fresh.  What goals do you have?  What goals do your loved ones have?  If there is any way we can help with these goals, let us know.  With that being said, one of our goals is cleaning out closets and under sinks.  We seem to have collected several vases.  If your loved one has several items under their sink, please feel free to take these items home.  Our state surveyors check and inspect our rooms.  The expectation of under the sink is keeping it clean and tidy, so if you are in for a visit, please make sure to look under the sink and take anything home that is not currently in use.  Please check closets as well, if clothing is too small or doesn’t fit right, it may be time to take it home.  We appreciate all the support you all provide.  Our residents love your continued visits and company.  We’ve had some amazing visitors leading up to the holidays.  I just want to thank everyone who has stopped out to visit, sing, and volunteer.  We truly appreciate you all.  May the new year bring you an abundance of blessings.


Patricia A. Reynolds
Nursing Home Administrator