From the Desk of the Administrator

Brandy Dierks

I have been impressed by the efforts of so many here at Mill Valley Care Center.  Recently Mill Valley was the headline of the TH paper.  I would like to make a few statements regarding what I have seen that was not noted by the paper.  Mill Valley has done their due diligence in addressing concerns that were required to be brought to the attention of our governing body.  I am not able to share specific concerns but when something happens in this environment, regardless of whether we know who is at fault, if an investigation has been completed or not, we have 24 hours to report our concern to the State.  Mill Valley acted accordingly and with the best interest of residents in mind.  Unfortunately, I do not believe the paper portrayed our community to be as great as it is.  We have MANY dedicated team members working in this community, countless hours, many laughs, smiles, heartaches, and tears.  These team members pour into the lives of the residents and co-workers that they serve, and this does not go unnoticed!  It is also important to note that Mill Valley, like most employers have staffing challenges.  We recently had an agency working in our community.  She works in many buildings and she shared her wish to live closer as in this community, “the residents are great, the environment is so clean, everyone is kind, everyone is helpful, cares are so much better than many places, and it feels like such a professional environment.”

It has been said that there is no such thing as a “perfect world.”  Mill Valley is no different.  We have gone through many changes and growing pains.  Please know this, the focus on the happiness and well-being of our residents has never wavered.  Mill Valley is a great place, and it has been a privilege to serve this community.