Nursing News

April Minear, RN

Director of Nursing



Hello Everyone – Spring is almost upon us and that means more window visits on the horizon for our residents.  I ask that you call and let facility know if you want a window visit so that we can make sure your loved one is awake and at the window for you.  This week the Jackson County, Iowa COVID cases have declined.  We are at a county level of 9.5% positivity rate.  This is decreasing as vaccines have been given.  We are on the right track!!  I encourage you to reach out to your physician if you have not done so yet and be put on a list to be vaccinated if you are over the age of 65!  With the lower numbers we have received numerous calls on visitation.  We are looking forward to the day we can have more visits, but until then we still must follow the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health regulations.  As we hear of new or upcoming visitation information, we will make sure we pass it along as soon as we can.  Until then, please understand we will be happy to assist with any zoom, facetime, messenger calls or window visits.  Thank you all for your cooperation and patience.  Have a great March!!