Congratulations to the
Mill Valley Care Center
2022 Valentine’s Day
King and Queen
Richard Helbing and Mildred Hoff

Richard Helbing.

Richard Helbing grew up in the Potosi, Wisconsin area with his parents Adam and Margaret Helbing and 4 siblings, Leroy, Ella, Eugene, and Marlene.  He worked at the Dubuque Packing Company for many years.  He was married to Jolene (Reese) Helbing and they had two daughters, Jenny Theisen and Rachael Griebel.  He has 8 grandchildren; 6 granddaughters, Megan, Jaelyn, Josie, Jenna, Reese, and Hope; 2 grandsons, Ray and Anderson, and one great-grandson, Julien.

Mildred Hoff.

Mildred is a Jackson County version of the famed Betty White.  She is very social generally smiling, often entertaining, and is turning 96 on March 17th.  Friends know Millie to be an avid talker and she loves to play card games and BINGO.  She remains a lifelong resident of Jackson County.  In her youth she was the farm helper for her father Leo Manders.  Life on a farm in the 1930’s was simple and very much hard physical work.  At age 18 she married Cletus Hoff, a neighboring farm boy, and they continued a life of farming.  They raised four children, and Millie has 9 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.  Today one of her joys is reading holiday cards from friends.  Please consider sending her a Valentine or birthday card at Mill Valley Care Center, 1201 Park Street, Bellevue, Iowa, 52031.  It will be appreciated by Millie and her family.