Happy March!!  May the Luck of the Irish Be With You!

With the spring just around that corner, we will be working hard again on our new spring/summer menu which will be scheduled to start on April 16th.  Once published, the menu will be passed out to all.

Spring also means warmer weather, what a great time to get out and enjoy a meal here at Mill Valley with your loved one.  We have special places within the building that we can set you up to eat with them.  Lunch is served at 11 am at the Sunrise Villa and 12 pm at Mill Valley.  Meal cost is only $10.00 (excludes holidays) and includes drinks, the meal and dessert.  Choosing to eat with your loved ones surely put a big smile on their face and yours.

Please enjoy a few pictures from February where we celebrated National Pizza Day and Valentine’s Day!

Jill Huling
Dietary Supervisor