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As of Wednesday (3/11/2020), regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions, we are not allowing any visitors into the facility until further notice.  We are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC 24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People Guidelines) Precautions.  Activities have been cancelled until further notice, by order of the Director of Nursing, Administrator, Medical Doctor, and the CDC.

We understand and know how difficult this is, but please remember, that we are doing our best to protect the health and well-being of our residents and tenants, your loved ones.  We will keep you posted of any further changes.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We appreciate your cooperation with this.  Thank You!

In-house activities for the residents and tenants were/are individualized and/or self-directed, as able, as of (2/16/2020), and will be until further notice.  We want to thank all our dedicated staff for caring for all the residents and tenants.  And, we want to thank all our dedicated volunteers, our community, schools and area churches, who were planning to visit and assist with Activities these past weeks.  We look forward to seeing you all again in the future, as God May Bless.

Residents, tenants, and families were/are encouraged to connect with their loved ones via phone calls and/or video chats that are available all day.

Individualized in room “Exercises” were held as able with the residents these past weeks.

Individualized in-room “Manicures” were held for the residents at Mill Valley Care Center (MVCC) and the tenants at Sunrise Villa Assisted Living (SVAL) each week.

Individualized in-room daily Catholic Services & Rosary prayers were held on the local cable Channel-32 for the Catholics these past weeks and on Sundays.

Individualized in-room Lutheran Service on local cable Channel-26 was held for the Lutherans on Sundays and on Maundy Thursday.

Chef Chad (staff) for visiting “room to room” and providing, hosting, serving “Root Beer Floats”, “Popsicles”, “Drumsticks”, ice cream cones to the residents and tenants during these past weeks.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs for the residents, tenants, and staff were assembled during the afternoon and presented on Easter Sunday by Anonymous.

A special Easter Sunday Dinner, where each dinner tray had some Easter eggs and a Chocolate bunny, was served at noontime on Easter Sunday.

The local Bellevue and Springbrook area children and their Day-Care Centers for creating homemade uplifting greeting cards and hand-drawn colored pictures for all of our residents and tenants.

The local Bellevue area children and adults for creating uplifting greeting cards for all of our residents and tenants.

The children and family of Chad Myers for their artwork pictures, which were displayed on every lunch-time meal tray along with an accompanying Anonymous greeting card.

The Nicole (Nicki) & Travis Smith Family with Emery (6) & Levi (4) (who are the great-great-grandchildren of Marion Daniels) for making enough artwork pictures for all of the residents and tenants.

Anonymous and everyone for the encouraging/uplifting words and pictures for the residents and tenants that were received these past weeks.  Thanks for all the uplifting pictures and kind words that make a difference in our lives.

Theresa Weber for her donations of a huge box containing fresh Apples and Oranges with a large container filled with Assorted Candies for the staff.

Eldon Weis (resident) and family for sharing his Birthday Cake with us.

Wilma Clausen (resident) and Family for sharing her Birthday Cup Cakes with us.

Grace Nemmers (resident) and Family for sharing her Birthday Cake with us.

Family of Ray McAtee (resident) for providing several dozen of assorted cookies from the Carousel Corner (Bellevue, Iowa) for the staff.

Julie & Roger Miller for their donations of Shepherd Hooks and birdseed for the residents and tenants.

Dina Theisen for her donations of Word Search books and pencils for the residents and tenants.

Patty & Kevin McClimon for their donations of 16+ assorted Word Find and Puzzle booklets for the residents and tenants.

Dave Eischeid for his poster of uplifting words of Hope for the staff.

Sue Sawvel for her donations of items for the residents and tenants.

Jill Ruggeberg for her handsewn “Fidget Sleeves” for the residents.

Bellevue Community Area “Helping Hands” (Angela Weber-Burken) for the delivery of a variety of Pizzas for the staff (first & second shift).

Bellevue Community Area “Helping Hands” (Paulette Wagner) for the word search booklets and assorted “Fill-in” puzzle booklets for the residents/tenants.

Joan Mest for boxes of the following:  Tea, Salted Carmel, Vanilla Chai, Lemon Ginger, & Cold Brew Tea; 2 packages of Neon Star Bursts; 5 packages of Jot Stickers; 20 Easter Cards for residents and/or tenants; 5 packages of Candies:  Crunch, Milky Way, (2) Kit Kat, and Snickers; 3 packages of Hard Candies: Cinnamon, Butterscotch, Peppermint; and 2 packages of Girl Scout Cookies: Samosa & Tagalongs.

Kim Moore and Anonymous for making some face masks (Personal Protective Equipment) for the Coronavirus COVID-19 Precautions.

Cheryl Horan for making cloth face masks for the staff.

Miranda Mausser for making handsewn face masks (small-medium-large) with filters for the staff.

Staff:  Erin Mohr, Alison Meier, Amber Olson, Paige Miller, Katlin Brown, Kimberly Ernst (RN, DON), Karen Parramore (and any other staff members who may have been omitted from this recognition thank-you list) for providing food for this “Potluck” on (3/26/2020) for the staff, and for all their assistance in Activities.

Staff/volunteers assisting with Activities:  Amy Neblung-Roth (Administrative Assistant), Kimberly Ernst (RN, DON), Madison Budde (RCT), Alecia Kueter (RCT), Ruth Cavanaugh (RCT), Mary Jo Konrardy (RCT/Villa), Megan Meier (RCT), with Joy M. for hosting Individualized Bingo games with the residents during the afternoon on Wednesdays, where the residents were/are placed near the doorway of their rooms (or in the hallway just outside the doorway of their rooms).

Amy Neblung-Roth (Administrative Assistant), Theresa Schwager (Environmental Services Supervisor), Ryan Erickson (RN), April Minear (RN, Nurse Manager at SVAL), Joy Marchiando (Recreation Program Director), Anonymous staff, and other involved staff for their assistance in connecting the residents, tenants, and families together via phone calls, video-chats (FaceTime, Skype, FaceBook) and for assisting Activities during these past weeks.

Theresa Schwager (staff) for assisting Activities with “Connecting with the Families” and music on Saturday and during the evening on Thursday and Sunday.

Emma Whitmore (staff), Kayla Griebel (staff) and Mary Jo Konrardy (staff) at the SVAL for their assistance in Activities these past weeks.

Thanks to all the involved staff for their assistance and support with all the “individualized” activities/events during these past weeks.

Thanks to all our volunteers for being awesome.

Thanks to all the unnamed individuals who communicated (via letters, phone calls, video chats, FaceTime, Skype, FaceBook, etc.) with the residents / tenants to help uplift their days.  Thanks to all the residents, tenants, families, friends, school children and teachers, volunteers, staff (Administrative, Nursing, Dietary, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance, and Activity-Recreation Departments), local area (Bellevue, Maquoketa, Preston, Andrew, St. Donatus, Springbrook) businesses, churches, organizations, and other unnamed individuals for their kindnesses, assistance and support with all our activities / events / donations / cards / posters during the past month.

A note to our precious volunteers regarding National Volunteer Week (April 19-25, 2020).  Due to the coronavirus (COVID-9, Wuhan China virus) outbreak pandemic, the Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later time.  This notice has been posted on our Facebook page.  There is also a heartfelt note of appreciation and recognition for their/your positive, considerate, dedicated service to Mill Valley Care Center and Sunrise Villa Assisted Living.