Dietary News

Chad Myers, Chef

Culinary Manager



Dear Mill Valley and Sunrise Villa Community,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have decided to take on another challenge and will be leaving my position as your Chef.  I have truly enjoyed this position, and I hope that you know that I have always put my best foot forward and tried to ensure that every meal has been as good as it can possibly be.  I have tried to be a little innovative, and some of those innovations were not perfect, but I am of the mindset to just make the next plate of food better than the last.

Thank you for everyone that has made me feel welcome while I have been here, and I cherish the relationships that I have built here.  As hard as it will be to leave, I just feel like I have so much more to offer in a larger facility, where many more people can get fed tasty creations.  Also, thank you to my very dedicated staff.  They work very hard back there, and I think that a lot of the positive things they do for you daily go mostly unnoticed.  Just know that they work very hard and care very much about your well-being.  I am grateful for that; it is something you cannot be taught.

Thank you again everyone, do not be surprised to see me pop in every now and then just to say hello.