Hello to everyone!

Residents, tenants, and families are encouraged to connect with their loved ones.

May 8-14 is National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), aka National Nursing Home Week.  This year’s theme is “Creating & Nurturing Connections”.  This year we are excited to celebrate NSNCW with our residents, tenants, and staff members.  There are lots of fun things planned for all, with delicious food and fun planned for the week.  

On Sunday, we start with the celebration of Mother’s Day with the Mother’s Day Meal and “Music with Kelby Mueller” (family member, volunteer); and in the evening, there is “Music with Ray & Doris Theisen”.  Throughout Mother’s Day, residents, tenants, families, and staff have opportunities to connect and spend time together.

On Monday, there are “Treats with Dietary” and “Animal (Pets) Appreciation Day” visits.  Later, there is an opportunity to learn a new game called “Sequence”.  We will have a “Dress-up Day” with an Animal Day Theme for the residents, tenants, and staff.  Refreshments will be provided.

On Tuesday, “Therapy Day” with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy will give their educational discussions/presentations, followed by a game of “Noodle Ball”.  Refreshments will be provided.  We will have “Evening Music with Ray & Doris Theisen”.  We will have a “Dress-up Day” with a Farmers or Western Day Theme.  Refreshments will be provided.

On Wednesday, a Catholic Service will be provided.  Lunch with a “Birthday Menu” will celebrate all the residents, tenants, and staff born in the month of May.  “Bingo games with the Lutheran Ladies” will be hosted.  Refreshments will be provided.  Celebration of the “National 3rd Shift Appreciation Day” Gift to the employees will be hosted.  We will have a “Dress-up Day” with a Hat Day Theme.

On Thursday, there is “Bingo with the American Legion Auxiliary Ladies”.  Refreshments will be provided.  There will be an "Ice Cream Social".  We will have a “Dress-up Day” with a Sports Team Day Theme.

On Friday, at noontime – Dietary will provide a “Grill-Out” with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Toppings, etc. for the residents, tenants, and staff to enjoy.  “Music with Ray & Doris Theisen”, “Treats with Dietary”, “Dominoes with Dale Meier” (family/volunteer) will be hosted.  Refreshments will be provided.  We will have a “Dress-up Day” with a Pajama Day Theme (dressed appropriately) with all the residents, tenants and staff being given an opportunity (or choice) to join in the fun.

On Saturday, the residents, tenants, and families will have their special time together to connect with their loved ones.

The days are filled with good food, delicious meals, and good times for spending together.  Each day of the week is filled with “Creating & Nurturing Connections” and is fully displayed throughout this National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

Follow us on the Mill Valley Care Center / Sunrise Villa Assisted Living website at URL: www.MillValleyCareCenter.com.  Click on the Activity Newsletter and the Calendar of Events with current pictures.

Wishing for you and yours, all of the very best, in health, safety, happiness,
among which include a Happy Mother’s Day, and a healthy and safe month of May.

Joy Marchiando
Recreation Program Director