Harlan Wilslef

Harlan grew up in the Preston, Iowa area, to parents Milo and Hazel (Ringen) Wilslef.  He stayed in the same home in which he was born and in the same bedroom.  He resided there until he was 86 years old, except when he left home for 16 years, but then returned home again.

He farmed, had corn, oats, milking cows, stock/beef cattle, hogs, etc., for 40-plus years.  He also worked in town at Products Unlimited for about 10 years and at Clinton Engines for about 9 years.

During this time, he met and married Marilyn (House) Wilslef on July 16, 1955.  They were married for almost 60 years; from 1955 until 2015, when Marilyn passed away.  “We could almost read each other thoughts at times and could finish each other’s sentences.”  Together they loved to travel.  They went to Germany, to Wisconsin to go fishing, to Georgia, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Alaska, the state of Washington and all the states between there and Iowa.

Together they had two sons Greg and Steven.  He has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren (Steve’s kids) and two step-grandchildren.  He loves his family and enjoys his time with them.  He moved into the Sunrise Villa Assisted Living during June of 2021.