Hello to everyone!

National Nurses Week is May 6-12, 2024.  This year’s theme is:  “Nurses Make a Difference”.  From assisting with life-threatening ER crises to delivering babies and caring for the elderly in their last moments, nurses perform some of the most difficult and heartbreaking tasks in the medical world.  As workers who perform the most essential healthcare tasks, nurses serve as the first point of contact for most patients.  National Nurses Week honors their contributions and sacrifices and reminds us to thank the medical professionals who keep us healthy.  It is celebrated between May 6, National Nurses Day, and May 12, the birthdate of celebrated nurse Florence Nightingale.

National Skilled Nursing Care Week is May 12-18, 2024.  This year’s theme is: Radiant Memories – A Tribute to the Golden Age of Radio, embraces a time when the airwaves resonated with captivating stories and melodies.  More than nostalgia, "Radiant Memories" is a call to honor the enduring legacy of skilled nursing care centers.  In these centers, residents and staff contribute to the creation of radiant memories, akin to the cherished moments shared through music and stories over the radio waves.  The annual, national observance celebrates the essential role that skilled nursing care centers play in providing safe and effective 24-hour nursing care to millions of individuals each year.

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Wishing for you and yours, all of the very best, in health, safety, happiness, among which include safe travels, a healthy and safe month of May, and a Happy Mother’s Day.

Joy Marchiando
Recreation Program Director