Dietary News

Chad Myers, Chef

Culinary Manager

We made it through the Holiday Season.  I hope Santa was good to you all, and you were able to see your loved ones or reflect on the ones that are no longer with us.  We have entered the New Year, and I couldn’t be more excited about the days ahead, as we muscle through winter looking for warmer days ahead.

There is nothing better in the cold of the winter than a nice cup of Chili.  It warms the soul.  With that in mind, we are going to have a Mill Valley Chili Cookoff.  On Tuesday, January 14, at 2 p.m., the employees are going to bring a crockpot of their best chili.  Then the residents and tenants will sample the various chilis and cast their vote.  There will be a Best of Show and an Honorable Mention.  Best of Show will receive a gift certificate, and the recipe will go on the menu at Mill Valley.  Honorable Mention will also receive a Gift Card.  I will just be a judge as well.

In my opinion there are smells that trigger memories for me and make me smile and drool at the same time.  With it being winter, while you spend time inside, you may find yourself baking.  My all-time favorite smell is banana bread right out of the oven.  I instantly turn into a little kid at an eye level with the counter top as I smell the bread and get in trouble by my mom for touching it while it’s still hot.  I then patiently wait for her to give the first slice with some butter generously slathered on the bread.  Yum Yum!!

Banana Bread


  • Flour 1# 8 oz (by weight)
  • Sugar 10 oz (by weight)
  • Baking powder 1.25 oz (by weight)
  • Baking soda 1 tsp
  • Salt 2 tsp
  • Pumpkin pie spice 1 tsp
  • Eggs 10 oz (by weight)
  • Banana pulp pureed 1# 8oz (by weight)
  • Oil or melted butter 8 oz (by weight)


  1. Mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix until just incorporated (Muffin method).
  2. Bake in a cake pan 375 degrees for 50 minutes, or 325 degrees in a convection oven.