From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



Happy Fall everyone!  There are some important things to remember if you have a loved one residing in a nursing facility and they are currently receiving Medicaid benefits.  Always remember that you must renew their application annually.  If this is not done according to the Medicaid requirements, benefits will be denied and your loved one will no longer qualify for Medicaid.  It is imperative that you watch the mail and make sure you look at all correspondence you receive throughout the year from the Department of Human Services.  The renewal paperwork will be mailed to the responsible party or Power of Attorney.  If a resident falls off Medicaid because the renewal paperwork is not submitted in the appropriate time frame, then you must begin the application process all over again and it can take months to be re-approved.  If Medicaid lapses, then the resident is once again responsible for their account and will be charged as a private pay customer.  I want to make sure that this kind of issue does not occur with residents and families.  It is our goal here at Mill Valley to make the experience as stress free on our residents as possible.  If anyone has questions regarding Medicaid, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to talk with you.