Nursing News

Amy Waller, RN

Director of Nursing



Mill Valley Care Center offers Influenza Vaccines to all residents and staff members from October to March.  Consents and educational forms for the Influenza Vaccine have been sent out to all resident’s families.  If you haven’t already, please sign and return the form either accepting or declining the vaccine.

Studies have shown the more people vaccinated the less chance of an outbreak.  We take pride in a great record of keeping or residents healthy and exposure low during the cold and flu season.  Know the facts regarding Influenza vaccines.  Protect yourself and your family!

MYTH:  Getting sick with the flu is not that serious.

FACT:  The flu can be a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death.  Anyone can get very sick from the flu, including people who are otherwise healthy.  People with certain long-term medical conditions are at high risk of serious complications ( from the flu, include chronic lung diseases, diabetes, and heart disease.  The flu can disrupt your work, school, and social life for more than 2 weeks even if you are othrwise healthy.

MYTH:  You can get the flu from the vaccine

FACT:  Injectable vaccines are made from inactivated virus that cannot transmit infection.  If you get sick after a flu vaccination, it is because you were already exposed to the influenza virus.  The earlier you get your flu shot the better.  Some may experience tenderness or inflammation at the site of injection or a mild fever with body aches, this is a common reaction and is considerably less severe than the symptoms caused by the flu.

MYTH:  Flu shots don’t really work.  I got the vaccine and still got the flu.

FACT:  Vaccines can reduce the chances of contracting the flu up to 60%.  The effectiveness of the vaccine is subject to many variables including the amount of time between vaccination and exposure to the flu, age and health status, and the match between the vaccine and the virus in circulation.  Even if you are exposed to the flu, studies have shown vaccines reduce complications of the flu including hospitalization and death.

For further information regarding the Influenza Vaccine, contact the CDC website at, your primary physician or give me a call at 563-872-5521.