Resident Spotlight

Gary Bakey



Hi!  My name is Gary Bakey.  My wife, Deb, and I moved from Illinois to Bellevue 22 years ago, and we had a small farm about 5 miles from town, right across the road from another resident here, Alvin Kilburg!  In Illinois I was a police officer for 25 years, and when I retired I opened a Security and Detective Agency.  Wanting a quieter, more relaxing lifestyle, Deb and I moved to Bellevue in 1998.

I have two grown sons, Eric and Steven, who live in Illinois; and Deb and I have 3 children, Jacob, Danny, and Deanna.  All 3 are teenagers and keep us very busy, as well as entertained!  I am here at Mill Valley for rehab following a stroke, but have my family visiting at my window every day!