From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness

Happy Holidays Everyone,

I want to remind everyone once again that beginning in January we will no longer be mailing out the newsletters.  Remember you can find our newsletter online.  Just go to our website at and you can find it there.

Recently we mailed out satisfaction surveys to our resident’s families.  If you received one and have not yet completed it, please consider doing so.  High survey rates come back to our staff in the form of positive rewards.  It is your way of letting them know how wonderful they truly are.  Their jobs are very difficult, and we are blessed to have the team that we do.

Please remember with holiday time approaching that staff are not allowed to receive individual gifts from residents and families.  However, we do allow families to bring in treats and things that the entire staff can enjoy.

If you do bring in new clothing for your loved one during the gift giving season, please remember to mark the label of the clothing with the initials of the resident.  Because of your cooperation we lose very few clothing items.

Everyone have a great New Year!