Dietary News

Ealana Roling, Dietary Supervisor

Hello Family and Friends!

Summer is finally here!  Here are some fun food activities that are going on for a “Fun in the Sun” June!

14th - National Strawberry Shortcake
We will celebrate by enjoying homemade shortcake topped with fresh strawberry topping!

17th - Happy Father’s Day
Assorted donut rolls and pastries at 9:30 am for residents, tenants and guests.

19th - Breakfast at the Villa
We will be having a special breakfast at the Villa at 8:45 am.

21st - National Peaches & Cream Day
Fresh peaches and cream will be served as an afternoon snack.

26th - Food Forum at 2:30 pm

28th - Happy Hour
Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served in the afternoon.

Wishing all you Fathers a Happy Father’s Day from all the Dietary Team!