Nursing News

Amy Waller, RN

Director of Nursing



Happy Fall!  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall season.  Fall is a great time to visit the facility.  Surprise your loved ones with sitting outside, going on a walk, or taking a scenic car ride to look at the leaves changing colors and crops being harvested.

Fall also brings changing temperatures.  Now is a good time to look at your loved one’s closet.  As we age we have a harder time maintaining a comfortable body temperature for a variety of reasons.  Dressing in layers is an effective way to keep your loved one comfortable.  Make sure they have plenty of long sleeve shirts, sweaters/jackets/vests, pull on pants and socks to keep them warm.

Finally, letters with influenza vaccine consent forms were sent out to families in September.  If you have not signed and returned the consent form please do so ASAP.  Remember to sign and return the consent form if you are accepting or declining the vaccine.  Please note if the decline is due to allergy/sensitivity or if they have already received the flu vaccine at their physician office.