From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



Happy New Year Everyone,

I hope your year is starting out great.  I wanted to take a moment and cover a few topics.  First, I want to remind folks about clutter in rooms.  Sometimes our residents gather too many things, and they have no space to store all the things they have collected.  It is important for our folks who share a closet to remember that space must be shared with their roommate.  Food items must be stored in dry sealable containers, so that we do not attract ants.  Yes, even in winter time, we can attract ants in the building.  When you bring snacks in, please check to see what the resident already has and remove old snacks.   We ask that families assist us with sorting through things, taking home seasonal decorations, clothing, books that have been read etc., etc.  Please also remember that humidifiers are allowed, however the family must take care of them and make sure they are cleaned and filled with water.  We are also not allowed to hang items from the resident’s room door.  Everyone already is probably aware that we are also not allowed to use extension cords.  Power strips must be approved by maintenance.  We are sorry for any inconvenience these requirements may cause,but keeping our residents safe is the number one priority.

Thank you all.