Resident of the Month

Janis Kay (Kemp) Waugh



All of us have been, and are, many things to many people.  Jan has been: a daughter, a sister.  She is: a wife (separated); a mother; a grandmother; a great-grandmother; a friend.  And, that is just a short list.

She is a caring, giving person.  She will support you and fight with you, but if she is wronged, then … watch out.  Plus, she is a typical “momma bear”.  Hurt her family and you better watch out.  She has a smile that can light up a room, but she does still know how to give “the mom look”.

She enjoys: gardening, flowers, gardening; reading, crocheting, knitting.  All were favorite things to do.  She is not who she used to be, but she is working on getting stronger every day.