From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



Hello Everyone,

I thought I would take a moment and share with everyone what goes into our fall prevention efforts here at Mill Valley Care Center.  We work very hard to ensure our resident’s safety.  It’s not an easy task with certain residents.  Some people are more prone to falls then others, and we as care providers must find ways to eliminate, reduce or at the very least mitigate injury when someone falls.  Upon admission we assess people for the risk of falls.  Residents found to be at risk through assessment or a history of falls will then be care planned for fall prevention.  Keeping residents safe is a facility wide effort.  Each week our fall prevention committee meets to discuss and strategize for each resident at risk for falls.  We review past falls and implement changes or interventions to help prevent further falls.  We also analyze past falls and try to identify the cause using root cause analysis.  We have an arsenal of interventions we implement, and we move from intervention to intervention if the resident continues to have falls.  We communicate these intervention to staff, so everyone is on the same page with resident care.  We cannot prevent all falls, and we cannot guarantee someone free from injury from a fall, however we take all falls very seriously and put our best foot forward to try and keep our residents safe.

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