Resident Spotlight

Harold G. Erickson



My name is Harold Erickson.  My parents were Orian & Ollillian Erickson who were farmers in the Jewell, Iowa area.  They had five children: Elston, Arling, Robert, Opal, & Harold.  I graduated from Ellsworth High School and was in the PEP Band.  I went into farming and later met and married Diane Wold from Dubuque, Iowa.  Together we have three children: Stacy, Corey, and Eric.  We were married for 13 years when she passed away in 1977.  Together we have 5-grandchildren and one great-grandson.  We farmed.  I took care of the farm land for a farmer in Ionia, Missouri, ‒ rent free.  I lived in the farmhouse, keeping the grass mowed, and kept the place in good condition.  I have been farming for over 55+ years.  Then recently, the farmer sold the farm land, where I was living/residing, to another owner.  So, I cleared out and moved in with my son, Stacy , who lives in Bellevue, Iowa.  I recently moved into the Mill Valley Care Center.  I love my family and farming.  I enjoy my crossword puzzles and reading my Bible.