From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



When COVID started, I couldn’t help but ask myself:  How will this affect our facility, our residents, our staff and our families?  Will we all lose someone that we know or even worse will we lose family?  Working in the Long-term care industry, we have had the experience of being on the front line of this battle.  We’ve seen residents and staff get sick from this illness.  Most recover and on a rare occasion some do not.  Mill Valley lost one of its team members when Liz Roth passed away from COVID complications.  Liz was our facility Beautician.  She was so much more than the lady who cut the residents hair.  She was a spitfire who always brought inspiration to our staff and residents.  When she arrived each day, she would first mill around the dining room visiting with the residents and letting them know how much she cared about them.  Then, she would hike down the hall to her laboratory where she was sure to stink up the place with all the perm chemicals.  That was always a standing joke with her and me.  She loved our residents.  I mean she genuinely loved our people!  She also cared for our staff.  Especially our young staff members.  She always gave out advice to them like a caring Grandmother would do.  A day never went by when she was here that she and I didn’t visit.  I’m proud to say she was my friend, and I will miss her; we all will miss her.  I’m glad her life connected with all of ours.  She truly enriched our lives here at Mill Valley and Sunrise Villa.  She will never be replaced.