From the Desk of the Administrator

Jim Harkness



Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.  The winter is going by quickly.  Before we know it, spring will be here.  We have been very fortunate here at Mill Valley and Sunrise Villa with illness this winter.  We have had very few cases of influenza.  I contribute that to campaign we do in the early fall to encourage staff and residents to be vaccinated.  We have had a great turnout over the last couple of years, and I think that makes a world of difference and contributes to our success in the lack of illness.  Nearly 70% of our employees accept the influenza immunization, and all residents receive it as well.

We are currently opening more private rooms here at Mill Valley.  There is more of a demand in our industry for private rooms.  We can do this because in the past few years, we were no longer reaching our capacity of 68.  With so many options available to seniors, long term care is not the first choice for care.  Many people choose to stay home if they can before coming to the nursing home.  We’ve always had small private rooms available, but now we are offering large private rooms to those that are interested.

Thank you.