Resident Spotlight

Mary Ann Clasen



Hi, my name is Mary Ann Clasen.  I was born and raised on a farm 3 miles South of Bellevue, Iowa to the parents of Albert and Mae (Gamble) Yeager.  I am the eldest of my four siblings, Alice (Cal) Boland, Leslie A. Yeager (deceased on 12/2/2019), Jane (Bob) Heinsen, and Neill (Judy) Yeager.  My four siblings all went to college, but I did not go.

I had a good life growing up and my parents taught us “right from wrong”.  I graduated from the Bellevue Public High School in 1959.  I had worked at the Bellevue Herald Leader, and that is where I met my future husband, Alvin Leo “Slim” Clasen.  Slim worked at the Bellevue Herald Leader as Shop Foreman and had the notable distinction of printing the last Bellevue Herald Leader in the Bellevue Office.  (Slim had served in the USA Army from 1955-1957 in Europe.) 

I married Slim on September 19, 1959, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Bellevue, Iowa.  Together we had Kurt L. Clasen (deceased on 12/3/2003), Karolyn (L.T.) Eckles, and Kent (Susie) Clasen with 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  

I worked as the Bellevue Community School Board Secretary for 25 years.  I worked at Mill Valley Care Center for 3 years.  Then Slim and I worked as Park Manager/Sales (ran mobile home parks) in Florida and in Texas for some years before returning to Bellevue, Iowa.  Slim worked with our son, Kent in their fire extinguisher business, Protection Plus Fire Equipment.  Slim passed away on 12/3/2008.

At present, I just want to mention this.  “Believe in the Lord.  There is one.”  I would not have survived my recent car accident (of being T-boned in an intersection in Bellevue, Iowa) without His help, and of course, all the prayers from all the people.  If you have a problem or something troubling you, always pray.  He will help get you through it.  That’s my preaching for now.  I just wanted to tell everyone this.  Hopefully, this will help others in times of need.