Hello to everyone!

The Recreation Department will be getting busier as the holiday seasons approach.

Residents, tenants, and families are encouraged to connect with their loved ones via phone calls and/or video chats (FaceTime, Facebook, Skype, etc.) that are available all day.

For a more detailed listing of the Activities, check out the Calendar of Events in our newsletter.  See URL:  www.MillValleyCareCenter.com.

Photos may be found at both, the “Happenings” section of our newsletter, and the “Photos” section of our Facebook page.  See URL:  www.facebook.com/MillValleyCareSunriseVilla/.

Note:  All Activities / Events / Times are subject to change without notice. 
To otherwise check our schedule, one may call 563-872-5521.

Wishing for you and yours, all of the very best, in health, safety, happiness, among which include safe travels, a healthy and safe month of November, and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Joy Marchiando
Recreation Program Director