Date Posted
March 8, 2024
Full and Part-time Shifts Available
Mill Valley Care Center
1201 Park Street
Bellevue, IA 52031, US
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  1. Weekend Package schedules are defined as follows: a. Working two (2) weekend shifts during the defined weekend shifts listed below: b. These shifts commence with the 3rd shift (10:00 p.m. /night shift) on Friday and ending with the completion of 2nd shift (10:00 p.m. /evening shift) on the following Sunday. 
  2. The employee must commit to working four (4) out of five (5) consecutive weekends. a. The employee will not be scheduled during the fifth (5) weekend, and this time will be unpaid. 
  3. The employee is required to commit to this Weekend Package for a minimum of six (6) months. 
  4. The employee will be paid a base rate of pay plus a weekend premium rate. a. The base rate is determined at the time of hiring and is based upon the job classification and experience, as laid out in the Facility’s approved Wage Plan. b. The weekend premium rate is 50% of the base rate. i. For example: $6.00 (base rate) + $3.00 (50% premium rate) = $9.00 (weekend package rate)
  5. The employee will be eligible to work weekday hours outside of this agreement, but will be paid at their base rate, excluding the premium weekend rate. 
  6. Hours worked as part of this Weekend Package Agreement do not count towards overtime. 
  7. The employee will be eligible to accrue vacation and sick pay benefits for all hours worked up to the maximum hours as defined in the Personnel Policies. 
  8. The employee will be expected to work holidays that occur on scheduled weekends. a. If a holiday falls on a scheduled weekend, the employee will be paid at the holiday rate versus the weekend premium rate. 9.
  9. The employee may request to switch scheduled shifts only with other Weekend Package employees. September 2021 a. The switching of shifts must be approved by the Director of Nursing. 
  10. If the employee fails to work any of their scheduled shifts, they will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 
  11. The employee will be expected to attend general orientation, in-service, and staff meetings, and complete online training courses as defined by facility policy. a. Attendance at in-service and staff meetings, as well as time spent to complete online training courses will be paid at the employee’s base rate. 
  12. In order to discontinue this Weekend Package Agreement, the employee must submit a 30-day written notice to their supervisor. 
  13. The facility reserves the right to discontinue the Weekend Package at any time.


Contact Information

Questions can be directed to 563-872-5521



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